PT Global Mediacom Tbk (BMTR)
29 November 2015


MNC Group Continues to Contribute to the Nation

JAKARTA - MNC Group continues to contribute to the nation while maintaining a focus on improving the company's performance through its core business of media, financial services, property, and investments.

CEO of MNC Group Hary Tanoesoedibjo (HT) said, in its 26th anniversary, MNC should remain focused on quality and speed. These two things must be balanced with a high fighting spirit, discipline, hard work, and maximize synergies among the group.

Maybank Indonesia and KORAN SINDO Achieve Muri Record

TANGERANG - PT Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk in collaboration with KORAN SINDO held Bingkisan Beruntun Festival (BBF).

The activities successfully achieved a Muri record by presenting Tokyo Tower replica with most parcels. Deputy Director of Muri Museum, Osmar Semesta Susilo appreciated Maybank and KORAN SINDO as the initiator and organizer of this latest record.

MNC Group Renovates SD Mekar Sari to Support Education World in Indonesia

JAKARTA - MNC Group consistently strives to run its social activities. This time, MNC Group renovated an elementary school in Jakarta.

SD Mekar Sari Pulomas which were initially not feasible to be used for teaching and learning activities is now ready for use by students and teachers.

MNCTV : “Jagoan Wushu” Presents Traditional Chinese Martial Arts

JAKARTA - This time, MNCTV presents its latest action drama series which is nicely packaged in “Jagoan Wushu”. This drama series will premiere on Wednesday, October 28th on 20:15 WIB.

“Jagoan Wushu” will feature action from the traditional Chinese martial through a series of famous young artists, such as Randy Pangalila, Ahmad Ridho, and Dinda Kirana. Some senior actors like Adi Bing Slamet and Mastur also present to enliven the story.